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Volunteer Hours

Current Volunteer Opportunities



In addition, we're starting concessions this coming weekend, so watch for opportunities to help out there.  

Sign up here:  Concessions




McFarland Soccer Club families:

As many of you are aware we have roughly 550 families in the McFarland Soccer Club, yet we find that we are routinely short volunteers for our various important efforts (field clean-up day, tournaments, concessions workers, etc). We have much more work than we have workers.

Therefore,  MSC will has a “volunteer” requirement of all our MSC families, much like our neighboring clubs of Oregon, Norski, and Stoughton.

Every family who has a child enrolled in MSC will need to volunteer 4 hours throughout the entire year, or buy out of their volunteer requirement for $200. If you only have a child registered for ½ year (such as on the High School team) then you only need to volunteer 2 hours or buy out for $100.   

We would greatly prefer that families volunteer instead of buying out, but the buyout option does exist and you will be able to do select the buyout option online when you register your kid/s for soccer.  

All volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

The Volunteer Coordinator will keep track of volunteer hours throughout the year and any family who has not fulfilled their volunteer hours or bought out by the end of the 2021-2022 season will be required to pay their buy out fee before registering for the following season.

For those of you worried about having the time and availability to satisfy the volunteer requirement there are numerous ways/days for you to fulfill your volunteer requirement in 2 hour shifts, such as:

  • field clean up/shut down days
  • volunteer at our fall and/or spring tournaments
  • volunteer at our Celtic summer camp
  • concessions workers throughout the year

-Plus a number of other misc. opportunities will emerge during the year, such as staffing our booth at the McFarland Family Fest or helping with our parade entry for the Family Fest, or volunteering at our summer golf outing.

There are also a number of positions you could apply for that get an exemption from your volunteer requirement:

  • Board members
  • U6 and older head coaches (not assistant coaches)
  • U11 and older managers