The U9/U10 Academy Program is designed for players who are more interested in a competitive soccer experience than those in the Recreational Program. There are not any tryouts for the Academy Program, but players should expect a more challenging training environment than typically found in the Recreational Program, therefore the Academy Program is not meant for all

The U9/U10 Academy Program features an Academy Director for the both the boys and the girls program. Our Academy Directors are very experienced, knowledgeable, licensed coaches, who have the responsibility of coordinating all the training sessions/practices throughout the year.  Each team also has a parent coach who is responsible for coaching the games.  All Academy Teams practice together and are looking to refine their skills in a more challenging environment.

The cost of this program is higher to cover the cost of the Academy Directors and space is limited.

Academy Program (Differences from Recreational Program are Highlighted): 

  • $460 for the full season (fee includes 1 Fall/1 Spring Tournament and Academy Director fee)

  • Practices are led by MSC’s Academy Directors

  • Games are coached by parent coaches who work closely with the Academy Director

  • Academy provides an opportunity for a more competitive soccer experience for players looking to be challenged.

  • Teams hold 2 practices during the week

  • A uniform, shin guards, socks and a size 4 soccer ball are required for play and not included in the registration fee.

  • Teams play 8 league games. Four are played in McFarland and four are played at other clubs in surrounding communities.

  • Games consist of two 25-minute halves 

  • Goalies and positions are played

  • 7 vs 7

  • No heading

In the Academy Program players will receive:

  • At least 16 training sessions(practices) in the fall and at least 16 training sessions in the spring.
  • Practices are 75 minutes in length.
  • Players will be given feedback throughout the year.
  • All trainings will feature the Academy Director as well as coaching assistants who help run the various training sessions.
  • The players will have ample time to scrimmage during the course of their training sessions so that they become more familiar with the various positions on the field as well as how to play as a team, in addition to learning important tactics.
  • The Academy Director will observe each team in a game at least once per season and will provide feedback to the parent coaches.

Any questions about the Academy Program can be referred to our Director of Coaching, Andy Witt, at